About Us

Treliant Solutions® is a RegTech company serving the financial services industry. We offer software products to assure banks and other lenders of compliance with regulations, such as those enforced by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Beyond compliance, our solutions empower clients to understand and improve numerous facets of their business, by providing data analytics and reporting functionality that help manage risk, investigate new business opportunities, and find operational areas which can be made more efficient.

Our organization, based in Washington, D.C., is affiliated with Treliant Risk Advisors, a leading regulatory compliance and risk management consultancy whose collaborative relationship with regulatory agencies positions Treliant Solutions to see around corners in ways that other technology providers cannot. We believe that the compliance function, long viewed as a cost center in financial services and other firms, is under-leveraged as a source of business intelligence and operational insight. Our solutions for managing compliance deliver the accuracy and assurance firms need, while enabling managers to discover revenue streams, find inefficiencies, and grow margins.

Our Solutions

Treliant Solutions combines best-in-class technologies with multi-disciplinary, world-class compliance expertise to deliver innovations that help clients manage risk and gain key business insights while meeting and exceeding regulatory compliance expectations. Our offerings include:

  • TRID Assure™, a file review system that ensures compliance with the “Know Before You Owe” or TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Rule;
  • RiskExec®, a leading browser-based suite for acheiving excellence in HMDA, CRA and Fair Lending compliance;
  • MRG Document Solutions, a SaaS provider of dynamically generated, compliant mortgage document disclosures and closing documents; and
  • BoardEffect, a board portal tool that streamlines and optimizes board management.
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“To manage today’s pressing regulatory climate, yesterday’s technology is insufficient. Treliant Solutions stands at the vanguard of compliance technology, offering the cutting-edge tools, expertise and assurance our clients need.”
– Andrew L. Sandler, Founder