Drive efficiency, effectiveness and engagement
among board directors, executives and administrators

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Treliant Solutions® proudly offers BoardEffect, a leader in board portal software. BoardEffect allows truly easy management of board information, while also enabling board directors to fulfill their responsibilities of elevating organizational performance.

BoardEffect’s board portal software supports best practices throughout meeting, development and annual board cycles by centralizing board activities on an easy-to-use online platform. BoardEffect leverages automation and executive expertise to power a solution that helps boards enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and member engagement. BoardEffect’s board portal platform is intentionally engineered to reflect five principles that engender leadership, board sustainability and meaningful use of the software. These principles include:

  • Usability, so that diverse stakeholders can easily utilize the platform
  • Security, so board members can feel safe that their sensitive or controversial decisions remain appropriately confidential
  • Control, because different boards have different needs, and many require unique customization
  • Mobility, so that tablet and smartphone users can maintain board engagement
  • Integration, so that BoardEffect’s Board Portal platform can support the diverse needs of complex businesses

BoardEffect outfits leadership boards with a full service platform to support the three concurrent cycles of board management:


The Meeting Cycle – Including meeting preparation, meeting facilitation, follow up and follow through.

The Annual Cycle – Including policy & compliance management, budgeting and auditing, appointments and election, work planning, and evaluations.

The Development Cycle – including recruitment, on-boarding, board education and board nomination.

BoardEffect empowers leadership board members to control a comprehensive array of executive functions. Board activity management is easier and more effective than ever because of its automated, manageable platform.