Excellence without complexity.

RiskExec® empowers lenders to achieve excellence in HMDA, CRA and fair lending compliance. Leveraging a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, RiskExec delivers the analytical tools needed to proactively manage fair lending risk and easily submit for HMDA and CRA, with the convenience and flexibility of a browser-based design. Products of the RiskExec suite are available for purchase via an annual license with no seat restrictions:

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The path to fair lending excellence
begins with HMDA and CRA data you can trust.

  • Geocoding
  • Enhanced data quality checks
  • Submit for CRA and HMDA
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    Achieve excellence in HMDA,
    CRA and fair lending compliance.

  • All RiskExec HMDA features
  • Statistical models
  • Dedicated Redlining Analysis module
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    Fair lending and business intelligence for any portfolio.

  • All RiskExec HMDA features
  • Analyze non-mortgage portfolios
  • Tools for business intelligence
  • Redlining Analysis
    Redlining Analysis
    Redlining Analysis

    Introducing: Redlining Analysis. With Redlining Analysis from RiskExec, monitoring for redlining risk has never been more efficient or precise. We’re proud to introduce an innovative new approach that can drastically improve redlining risk management.

    Redlining Analysis is available to all subscribers of RiskExec Fair Lending Mortgage and RiskExec Fair Lending Proxy. To learn more, contact a representative today.

    “RiskExec was designed to strike a balance between analytical power and ease of use. Many of the statistical models needed for fair lending analysis are included, with designs streamlined to meet the specific needs and pressures of people working in financial services.”
    – Dr. Anurag Agarwal, President, RiskExec Division