The best compliance strategies leverage both the power of technology and the knowledge of experts.
Treliant Solutions® and its affiliates position best-in-class tools alongside world-class regulatory compliance and risk management experts, who stand ready to deliver an array of services, including consulting, implementation, training and support.

Services - Consulting

Our affiliated consultants at Treliant Risk Advisors ensure compliance workflows and systems are well-designed and coordinated.

Services - Implementation

Setup and implementation services help clients to transition as smoothly as possible when beginning to use our solutions.

Services - Traning

Training services are flexible to accommodate needs of diverse clients in achieving optimal results from our solutions.

Services - Customer Support

Support services are available to help users of our solutions troubleshoot and resolve technical issues and abnormalities.

Treliant Risk Advisors

Treliant Solutions is affiliated with Treliant Risk Advisors, a leading regulatory compliance, risk management and strategic advisory consultancy based in Washington, D.C. Members of Treliant Risk Advisors’ multidisciplinary team of industry, regulatory, and compliance experts have held senior positions in Fortune 100 companies, financial institutions, and regulatory agencies. Treliant Risk Advisors offers a variety of consulting and advisory services to its financial services clients.