Clients of Treliant Solutions are provided with ongoing support to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. Depending on the solution, our support specialists may provide clients with assistance related to:

  • Access: Resolve user access and access rights issues
  • Functionality: Navigate solution interfaces and explain how to execute software features
  • Troubleshooting: Help users troubleshoot system errors and abnormalities

Ongoing technical support services are available by phone and email from 8:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST on all weekdays (Monday through Friday), excluding government-designated holidays.

Our technical support personnel generally do not accommodate inquiries requiring regulatory expertise (e.g., discussion of fair lending practices) — for services requiring regulatory, compliance and risk management expertise, please review our professional services for more details.

In need of technical help? Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists today:

Jesse Taylor Support

“I try to imagine myself in the client’s position when working through support issues — being a former RiskExec user definitely provides an advantage in doing so. There’s a lot that RiskExec can accomplish, and often times it’s as simple as listening to the business issue the client is trying to solve and matching that up with the right functionality.”
– Jesse Taylor, Client Solutions