A dedicated solution for "Know Before You Owe"
compliance and quality assurance.

Full “Know Before You Owe” or TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) compliance can only be achieved by marrying deep, substantive expertise with cutting-edge, process-enabling technology. Treliant Risk Advisors’ industry-leading knowledge is now complemented by TRID Assure™, a proprietary TRID file review application developed by Treliant Solutions®.

TRID Assure facilitates rapid, accurate compliance reviews, helping lenders identify and address tolerance violations, and present detailed proof of compliance.

By reengineering the manual processes previously used in loan-level file reviews, and leveraging expertise not found in other systems, TRID Assure automates key process steps to expedite reviews, increase review accuracy, and precisely calculate required remediation. Our technology is a secure, cost effective solution that can reduce per-file review costs and average time in file by more than 85%.

With TRID Assure, gain complete confidence in the quality of your loans:

Rapid Review: Analyze potential remediation due on originated mortgages with unparalleled speed

Portfolio Stratification: Categorize loans into Low, Moderate and High remediation risk to increase review efficiency and focus on higher-risk loans

Expanded Review: Determine with precision whether Changes of Circumstance are valid, fee changes are within tolerance, disclosures are timely, and remediation is due

Remediation Calculation: Patent-pending remediation calculation for zero and 10% tolerance fees

Reports and Analysis: Full suite of management reporting tools, including root cause analyses

Quality Control Workflow: The TRID Assure workflow is adaptable for related process quality analysis, with a full audit trail available

Compliance Management Program: Enables organizations to implement a holistic management program for TRID compliance

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More TRID Services

Additional TRID Compliance Services are available through our affiliated consulting company Treliant Risk Advisors, a group of regulatory experts, former bankers, and experienced mortgage professionals uniquely positioned to perform a comprehensive review of your bank’s TRID implementation.

  • Training: Train your team in understanding and applying the complexities of the “Know Before You Owe” rule
  • Gap Analysis: Perform gap analyses on existing implementation and testing plans
  • Testing Protocols: Develop and implement testing protocols for post-implementation evaluation
  • Control Development: Develop effective risk management controls for every phase of the mortgage process to ensure continuous monitoring and avoid costly regulatory actions
  • Corrective Action Plans: Implement corrective action plans to mitigate future gaps

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